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Researcher Development Programme


Head of Researcher Development and Training, The Alan Turing Institute

After leaving the world of academic research, Ben worked for the RDP as the Researcher Developer for Life Sciences and as Researcher Development Implementation Lead, between April 2015 and December 2017.

In his new role at The Alan Turing Institute he is responsible for both practical aspects of training and development as well as working to develop the vision of what a research leader will look like at the end of a PhD or Fellowship.

He continues to teach in Cambridge as a Director of Studies for Medical Biochemistry at St John's College and as a tutor on the Teaching Associates' Programme.

For matters relating to the Graduate School of Life Sciences (including RD Bids and the CSTP) please contact Dr Sam Byers, the new Researcher Developer for Life Sciences.

For matters relating to University-level projects please contact Dr Meg Tait.