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Researcher Development


Copyright and Licences


Copyright law is a complex field, so this guide focuses on the aspects most relevant to researchers. It covers the basics of copyright and its importance, how to protect and share your own work, and what to do if you want to use someone else's work.


Introduction to Research Integrity at Cambridge


A thorough awareness of issues relating to resarch ethics and integrity is essential to producing excellent research. An interactive webinar, this session introduces the ethical responsibilities of researchers at the University and explores issues of good research practice.


Introduction to Research Integrity - Biological Sciences & Clinical Medicine


An overview of the principles, responsibilities and importance of research integrity in the context of Biological Sciences and Clinical Medicine, covering what research misconduct looks like, and how to find support in maintaining and promoting integrity in your work.


Research Ethics and Good Research Practice


Two modules (Good Research Practice and Working with Human Subjects) covering the ethics of involving human participants directly or indirectly in research projects.


Good Research Practice (Medical Research Council)

Online Course

Courses from the Medical Research Council covering research data and confidentiality, human tissue legislation, and making an application using the Integrated Research Applications System.