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Researcher Development

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  • Writing in Plain English
    LinkedIn Learning: analyse your own writing to find out how clearly you really write, and learn how to make your writing stronger, clearer and more concise.

  • Academic English
    Online Course: the Language Centre's suite of courses on Academic English is highly relevant even if you are a native speaker, addressing topics such as argumentation, clarity in writing, and even procrastination.

  • Academic Phrasebook
    Online Resource: the University of Manchester's phrasebank is aimed at non-native English speakers but relevant to all, providing generic connecting phrases which can provide inspiration for phrasing but also help you consider the organisation of your writing.

  • Virtual Writers Group
     an informal but structured writing hour to help you carve out time for writing and overcome procrastination, this session takes place every weekday except Friday, at 11am.

  • Preparing to Write your Thesis
     tips and strategies for planning and maintaining good writing habits

  • Writing your Paper
    Online Resource:
     an extensive guide by Taylor & Francis on publishing research articles, addressing topics such as formatting, authorship and following journal guidelines, as well as tips on writing different parts of the paper.

  • Writing for Publication
     taking you step-by-step through academic writing and publication, with tips and resources to make writing as simple as possible, this course will demystify the peer-review process and help you improve the precision and clarity of your academic writing.

  • Publishing in Journals
     information and activities to help you plan a publication strategy and choose the right journal, navigate the peer-review process, and understand Open Access publication.

  • Publishing Academic Books
     learn key considerations when turning your thesis into a monograph, how to choose the best publisher for you, how to write a great proposal and what to expect from the peer-review and publishing process.

  • Research Metrics
     research metrics can be very useful, but also come with important caveats, so this module covers the meaning of common metrics, what the main limitations are, and a better, more responsible approach to using metrics.

  • Write that PhD
    Online Resource:
     a FaceBook group dedicated to sharing resources and support for writing your PhD thesis.


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