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Researcher Development


What could you be doing to make your postdoc a real and pivotal moment in your career? We encourage all postdocs to be agentive - that is, to be intentional and to plan for the future. The postdoc path has the potential to yield numerous opportunities that could be leveraged into a remarkable life. The resources below are designed to support you in achieving your visions for the future.


Map Your Postdoc Journey Now!

If you've just started a postdoc at Cambridge, now is the time to create a plan for how you would like it to unfold.

Map Your Postdoc Journey Now! is a workshop for those who want to make the most of their time at Cambridge. We explore what constitutes a successful postdoc experience, see how to navigate the post-PhD professional landscape purposefully and strategically, and consider how to develop the mental and emotional discipline needed to take care of yourself while coping with the demanding and competitive research environment.

Map Your Postdoc Journey Now!


Maintaining your momentum

The following courses are focused on your development as an individual to facilitate your ability to keep planning forward and progress strategically and creatively in your career.


Develop strategies to extend your awareness and confidence to take action and design the professional outcomes you are looking for.

Building Resilience and Coping with Setbacks

You need an ample supply of resilience to deal with the ups and downs of being a professional researcher.

Sustaining and Expanding your Creativity

How do you keep ideas flowing? Academia calls for researchers to generate original ideas and make novel contributions: indeed, maintaining creativity is a key part of career progression.


Communicating your research

What is the story of your research? Is your story engaging, meaningful and, to put it simply, fundable? What are your strategies and practices for honing your message and engaging your audience?

Effective Research Presentations | One-to-One

How to Prepare a Grant or Fellowship Application with Impact