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Researcher Development Programme


The new Emerging Research Leaders' Development Programme (ERLDP) is designed to support postdocs aspiring to achieve research independence in order to lead a research group and/or become a research leader in any field. This programme is intended for postdoctoral researchers from any discipline with at least two years' postdoc experience.

The programme builds on the RDP's leadership workshop series (An Initial Guide to Leadership; Self-Leadership; Leading Others), which lays the foundations of leadership for postdocs, and provides a more advanced leadership programme for those wishing to explore and consolidate their leadership practice over a four-month period within a multidisciplinary group. It is an application-only programme to enable a group of participants to work together to explore leadership in different contexts, and apply subsequent learning appropriately within their individual situations, current roles and future leadership positions. This will be a highly participative programme and an active and collaborative contribution to the content will be encouraged throughout.

If you are considering making an application to ERLDP in the future and have not already attended at least two of the RDP's leadership workshop series for postdocs linked above, we strongly recommend that you sign up to complete these courses.


Learning Outcomes:
A. To achieve an in-depth understanding of leadership in academia and research.
B. To deepen your self-awareness in order to help you achieve your full potential as an effective and strategic leader.
C. To explore and navigate complex relationships in order to be highly effective at working with others and at achieving desired outcomes.


Criteria & Time Commitment:
1. Postdoctoral researcher from any discipline with at least 2 years' postdoc experience.
2. Able to attend all sessions: three full-day workshops and one half-day group tutorial.
3. Able to commit an additional six to eight hours in total over the course of the programme to comple tasks and activities.


Course Leaders:

Dr Mary Beth Benbenek

Hannah Clements