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The ERLDP 2019 will run from January to April 2019. Bookings are now closed.


Application Process:

1. Complete the online application form by 5pm on Monday 5th November 2018.

Before beginning your application, please note that you will be asked to respond to the following in order to demonstrate that you meet the requirements for this programme and to illustrate your motivation, so you may wish to draft these responses before you begin as your work cannot be saved once you have started your application:

Write approx. 150 words demonstrating that you have applied or are aiming to apply for independent research funding (including the details of relevant funding schemes and/or your track record in generating income).

What interests you about the programme? Max. 150 words<

What do you hope to gain and/or learn from participating in the ERLDP? Max. 150 words

What do you have to offer to other participants? Max. 150 words

2. All applications will be reviewed and places offered by the week commencing the 3rd December 2018.


If you have any specific queries please email: