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Researcher Development


As a postdoc, you may find yourself leading others or preparing for a future leadership role, whether within or beyond academia. What sort of leader do you aspire to be? What sort of professional environment do you aim to create as a leader? What does ethical, inclusive leadership entail? Our suite of leadership courses and programmes are designed to help you explore these questions and further develop your leadership skills.


Leadership Courses

The following three courses build on each other to take you from an introduction to leadership to thinking about how you exercise self-leadership and translate that to leading others. They lay the foundations of leadership and can lead on to the ERLDP, below.

An Initial Guide to Leadership


Leading Others


Emerging Research Leaders' Development Programme

The ERLDP is designed to support postdocs aspiring to achieve research independence and lead a research group / become a research leader. The programme is intended for postdocs from any discipline who are beginning the process of applying for independent research funding or established positionsp. It provides a more advanced leadership programme for those wishing to explore and consolidate their leadership practice, over a four-month period within a multidiscplinary group.

More information and details of how to apply can be found on our ERLDP pages.


From Postdoc to PI

'Navigating the Career Hairpin: from Postdoc to PI' was a research project that sought to investigate how researchers handle the career transition from postdoc to PI, develop support resources for postdocs, and provide data to information policy and practice.

More information, including links to project outputs, can be found on our Project pages.