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Researcher Development


Covid-19 Update

Our usual programme of face-to-face workshops and support has been temporarily suspended. Instead, please check out RD Online, where you can find a whole host of remotely-accessible content.

You can also find a comprehensive hub of online development opportunities for postdocs on the Postdoc Academy website.

If you're involved in teaching, please take a look at the CCTL website for advice and support on Teaching in 2020-21, including undergraduate supervisions.



To get started, we recommend the three courses below, which will launch your path of personal and professional development and help position you to create and take up a variety of opportunities for progression.

Map Your Postdoc Journey Now!

Encouraging a focused and thoughtful attitude and approach to your postdoc and beyond...

Intro to Coaching & Mentoring

Inspiring your individual development through gaining strategic skills and support.

Managing Up for Postdocs

Proactively developing a strong relationship with your PI or those whose influence you seek.

These are taken from our full programme for postdocs, listed according to theme below.

We recommend you attend the following courses in order. You may also be interested in the Emerging Research Leaders' Development Programme, which builds on this workshop series.

An Initial Guide to Leadership


Leading Others

Facilitation Skills