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Researcher Development


Many Cambridge postdocs will have the opportunity to teach, whether that's lecturing, delivering undergraduate supervisions or engaging in one-to-one postgraduate research supervision.

Courses on teaching and learning are provided by the Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning (CCTL). They are designed to help you explore effective, inspiring teaching practice, to reflect on your own teaching practice, and to attain a deeper understanding of the process of learning.

CCTL have produced guidance on Teaching in 2020-21, covering both large-group and supervision teaching.



There are several longer-term programmes available which are open to postdocs:

Teaching Associates' Programme

Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

You might also be interested in the Researcher Development Teaching Fellows Programme which we piloted this last academic year (2020-21). The programme represents an excellent opportunity to gain teaching experience in the form of PhD development workshops.

Researcher Development Teaching Fellows Programme


Teaching Accreditation

Completion of the Teaching Associates' Programme, above, results in accreditation as an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Outside of completing a formal programme though, it is also possible to apply directly for accreditation of your teaching experience. CCTL provide an informational Moodle course on Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, where you can find out more about applying for Fellowship.