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Researcher Development Programme


There are many ways that you can engage in Researcher Development online and remotely, and we are actively developing more.


One-to-One Coaching

Book a One-to-One coaching session with our expert team to discuss any aspect of your professional development: how to choose a course or make a development plan, specific questions or concerns, reflections on your online learning - you set the agenda.

The sessions are confidential, and we offer different times throughout the week for postdocs and PhD students, with new slots released every week.



We have a new podcast series, #RDaudio, where experts in different areas of Researcher Development get together to discuss various topics. Our first episodes have centred on procrastination, communicating remotely and resilience.


RD On Demand

We have a variety of new and curated resources across the topics below:

Productive Working

Presentation Skills

Preparing for your Viva

Writing Skills


LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is widely used by academic and business institutions across the world, and is now available to all University students and staff. You can explore thousands of online courses, to help you with your research, to contribute to your professional development, or just for fun!


Contact for Online Learning Resources

If you encounter any technical difficulties accessing or using our online courses, please contact the Educational Technologist for the Researcher Development Programme.

If you have any comments or suggestions about existing courses or future developments, they would also be very welcome.