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Researcher Development Programme


We've produced a series of videos covering the key writing milestones you might experience as a postgraduate student, with those on first-year assessment tailored to your subject area. Click the image to view on YouTube.

STEMM: First-Year Assessment

AHSS: First-Year Assessment

STEMM: Writing your Thesis



We particularly recommend the following two resources. The Language Centre provides a whole suite of online courses on writing which are highly relevant even if you are a native English speaker, addressing topics such as argumentation, procrastination and clarity in writing. Write your Research is a very comprehensive set of practical resources on topics such as bibliographic software, editing and impact.

Language Centre Writing Skills
Write your Research



These books may be useful to you if you are tackling specific writing tasks for the first time, or feel you would benefit from some language guidance focused on science research writing as a non-native speaker. All are available for free as eBooks via the University.

Science Writing for Non-Native Speakers
How to Write a Thesis
Writing for Academic Journals