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The Skills Analysis Survey is the perfect way to kick-start your development as a professional researcher.

This online course introduces you to the CamRDF and then asks you to complete a short self-analysis quiz, where you will assess your existing skillset against the key skills identified by the CamRDF. You are also asked to provide examples that demonstrate your skills, in an effort to justify your confidence and provide a useful reference when creating CVs and applications in the future.

We highly recommend that you take this course at the beginning of your studies, but also each year thereafter, to guide your researcher development throughout your time here.


  • Understand the key skills needed by a professional researcher
  • Assess your existing skillset against these key skills
  • Plan your development training for the coming year

CamRDF Mapping

Participants' Feedback

As this is a new course, we would appreciate any feedback you can give us if you try it out!


This course is available online and can be completed at any time. Please use the appropriate booking page for your School: