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Postgraduate Researcher Development

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How do I access Inkpath?

You can get to Inkpath at

After a few introductory slides you will be taken to a login screen. Select the 'Sign up' tab and then select 'University of Cambridge' from the Institution drop-down list (near the bottom!). You'll be redirected a single-sign-on page where you can view the terms of use and privacy policy. Accept these and you will be redirected to a Raven login screen.

Note: you can only sign up to Inkpath once you have your Raven login.

Once you have signed up you will be asked to fill in a series of demographics questions; these help us to understand who we are reaching in the University population and are not visible to Cambridge administrators on a person-by-person basis.


Is there an Inkpath app?

In addition to the web-based platform you can also access Inkpath as a phone app, which can be downloaded from the Apple Store or from Google Play. Please note that we recommend the desktop browser version if you use a screen reader.


How do I mark courses as complete?

When you attend a workshop the course convenor will share a QR code that you can scan from the app to record your attendance.

There will also be a code available that you can input manually if you can't scan the QR code; ask your course convenor if they don't share this within the session. Go to the activity within Inkpath and click 'Mark activity as complete'.


Who should I contact for help?

If you're having technical trouble with Inkpath (say logging in), please contact the Inkpath helpdesk directly:

If you want help with a particular course, please use the contact information provided with the course in Inkpath: click 'Contact Organiser' or right-click to copy the email address.


Do I still need to use the training booking system?

Our courses were previously booked via the University Training Booking System. From Michaelmas 2021, all of our courses can be found on Inkpath, and the same applies to other University-wide specialist providers such as the Office of Scholarly Communication. However, Schools, Departments and Faculties and some other providers will continue to use the original training booking system, so it's still worth exploring what is available there. Any activities you attend which weren't booked via Inkpath can be added manually if you'd like to keep a comprehensive record of everything in one place.

Some courses advertised on Inkpath will also route you to the original training booking system to book, but you can still mark them complete on Inkpath, add notes, and so on.