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Postgraduate Researcher Development


This policy relates to personal data, as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), held for administration of University Cambridge Training courses on the Inkpath application.

The University of Cambridge holds records of each personal booking on courses run or organised by participating University training providers via the Inkpath application, The application includes a database whose data originate from in-app forms, and are entered by course participants, traininers and administrators.

The data is used for the following purposes:

  • To record who is registered for each course for administrative purposes: to ensure that each course is not over-booked, to send out course reminders, etc.
  • To update information: e.g. where a booking is cancelled, to record attendance, or to correct erroneous data.
  • To produce attendance lists for convenors and generate QR codes so that participants can check in on arrival at a course.
  • To produce statistical reports for management purposes, such as annual reports. Such statistics do not include personal data.
  • To provide training history records for course participants, trainers and administrators.
  • To provide personal training history records in the Human Resources CHRIS database.
  • To provide information about training courses attended by researchers to the Research & Development Committee and to the Researcher Development Forum, to monitor training provision and, where appropriate, to assist individuals in ensuring that their training needs and activity are adequate, and, where required, to report this to the Research Councils or other funders.
  • For certain courses, to inform participants of relevant further training and development events.


Attendance information may be shared with the participants' Departmental or College administrator so that they can monitor and ensure that training needs are being met. Participants should contact the course training provider if they have questions regarding this policy. Data for staff and students will be held by the University indefinitely to contribute to personal development portfolios in the future. Data relating to personal requirements is held indefinitely for the convenience of the participant when making future bookings. Personal data can be edited by the participant at any time.

Access to the administrative part of the database is restricted to appropriate staff of the University.

If it becomes apparent that innacurate booking information is held, these data can be corrected by contacting the relevant training provider.

For further information on University IT facilities and services privacy notice, please see the UIS Privacy Notice.