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Postgraduate Researcher Development


"I can manage my time and research project effectively."

A researcher has many demands on their time: not only do you have to progress your own research, you may have a plethora of other commitments such as teaching, keeping up with the literature, preparing for and attending conferences, engaging with your department or College, and taking part in clubs and societies.

You need to be capable of balancing and prioritising all of these tasks while successfully meeting deadlines without causing yourself unnecessary stress. Moreover, you need to maintain your wellbeing with a balanced lifestyle.

You can develop these skills through our workshops on managing your research or online courses and resources, and by practising actively managing your time on a daily basis. The University Information Services also signpost a wide range of courses on software and tools which might aid you in working more efficiently, such as MS Project or Visio for Project Management, Dragon NaturallySpeaking for writing faster with speech recognition, and Outlook for managing your emails efficiently.