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Postgraduate Researcher Development

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Do you struggle with writing clear, articulate sentences? Do you find it difficult to structure your writing in a way that flows for the reader?


As a PhD student, you have the opportunity to participate in one-to-one tutorials with a Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow.

These professional writers, equipped with extensive experience, provide free support to help strengthen students' writing skills. You can learn more about our Fellows, Rebecca Watts and Emma Strang, on their respective webpages.

During a session, you can discuss how to express your ideas more clearly, receive guidance on restructuring, and learn how to compose fluent, grammatically correct sentences and paragraphs. The focus is on empowering you to enhance your writing abilities and become an independent writer.

All PhD students are eligible for up to three 50-minute sessions per academic year; exceptions are at the discretion of the Fellows. RLF Fellows do not specialize in assisting with dyslexia or English for non-native speakers. Nevertheless, all PhD students are welcome on an equal basis, including those with specific needs.

Please note that this is not an editing or proofreading service.