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Postgraduate Researcher Development


Postgraduate Researcher Development is part of the Cambridge Centre for Teaching & Learning (CCTL). When you attend one of our workshops, events or one-to-ones, you are meeting one of our team of Researcher Developers, who have all completed PhDs themselves and understand the postgraduate journey. To read more about them, click on their photo below.

You can also see the full Centre for Teaching & Learning team on the CCTL website.

For general enquiries, please use:

Dr Annette Mahon

Annette Mahone

The Postgraduate Researcher Development team is led by Dr Annette Mahon, Deputy Head of CCTL.

Dr Sam Byers

Sam Byers

Sam has particular interests in resilience and managing professional relationships. She is passionate about helping students with skills she wishes she'd been taught at that stage of her career!

Sam holds a PhD in Endocrinology, with an undergraduate background in Veterinary Sciences. During her time as a postdoctoral researcher, she was able to combine her research with teaching.

Dr Christian Gilliam

Christian Gilliam

Christian has a particular interest in developing the skills and pedagogy necessary for enhancing interdisciplinary research, and for the concept of the 'public intellectual'.

Christian holds a PhD in Political Philosophy from Royal Holloway, where he worked as a visiting lecturer in Modern French Philosophy, with an undergraduate background in Politics. He remains active in research, publishing primarily in political philosophy and higher education studies.

Dr Sonja Tomašković

Sonja Tomaskovic

Sonja has a particular interest in teaching and learning in Higher Education.

Sonja's background is in Experimental Physics and she holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. In addition, she is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and is accredited as a practitioner for MBTi.

Dr Amanda Brunton

Amanda Brunton

Amanda has a particular interest in accessibility in teaching, and is passionate about creating a welcoming learning environment for her students.

Amanda’s background is in Early Modern English history and literature, and she holds a PhD in English Literature. She is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and has been teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students alongside her research.