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Postgraduate Researcher Development

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Book onto our two-day writing retreat

Our two-day writing retreat offers structured sessions of academic writing for PhD students who wish to work in a supportive environment and discuss good working practices that accommodate neurodivergence.

We start the first day with a discussion of the kinds of challenges that autism and ADHD can present in doctoral research, as well as the strengths. This is followed by discussion sessions on finding adaptive ways to work when handling executive dysfunction or issues with your environment. The rest of the day is dedicated to writing in short sessions to test out new ways to approach your work.

The second day is dedicated to writing, with time in a comfortable environment to crack on!

There will be a 'quiet room' and a 'noisy room' to accommodate various working styles / activities, and attendees are welcome to bring along any fidget objects or similar that would normally help you focus; we will also provide a selection for you to try out if you're interested.

If you have attended a previous writing retreat you are very welcome to come again, either skipping the introductory talk if you would prefer or settling into the quiet room from the start to get on with writing.

Book onto our two-day writing retreat