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Postgraduate Researcher Development


Presentation Skills

Simon Hall, lecturer and coach at the University of Cambridge (as well as tutor, author and former BBC News Correspondent), has produced a video guide to public speaking and presentations. Dr Steve Cross, public engagement and communications specialist, discusses how to improve your online presentation skills in a 5-part series.

Watch Simon Hall talk about public speaking on YouTube

Public Speaking & Presentations

Watch Dr Steve Cross talk about presenting online on YouTube

Presenting Online

You might also like to check out our online course, the Presentation Skills Toolkit, which takes you through all the basics of giving great presentations at your own pace.

Presentation Skills Toolkit enrolment instructions

Presentation Skills Toolkit

Public Engagement

Engaged Researcher is a portfolio of skills training and support that covers all areas of public engagement with research, combining expert-led practical workshops and taught sessions to support you in engaging with the public, whether that's through stand-up comedy or writing grants.

Engaged Researcher programme

Engaged Researcher

Build Your Online Profile is a LibGuide that explores how you can develop your profile to ensure you are visible and can make the most of the rich opportunities available online.

LibGuide: Build Your Online Profile

Build Your Online Profile

Research Posters

Colin Purrington has put together an engaging and extensive guide to conference posters, which covers the whole design approach as well as how to present. He provides dynamic ways to make your poster stand out, as well as a series of free templates.

PosterNerd are professional printers who have produced a fantastic tutorial as well as a whole suite of free templates. There's a "5-minute overview", and more detailed sections on layout, graphics, etc for those who want more.

Finally, NYU Libraries have put together an online guide to research posters, which includes examples of 'good' and 'bad' posters and advice on printing your poster.