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Postgraduate Researcher Development


"I know the ethical and legal requirements pertaining to my project and field needed to complete my research successfully."

All researchers both use and create information: you must know the ethical and legal rules on the accessing, storing, sharing and referencing of this information for your field, including copyright law surrounding the use of images, quotes and so on. You must also have a solid understanding of potential open access requirements from funders, and any IP concerns surrounding your project which could impact your work and publishing.

If your research involves human subjects, animals, disease, genetically-modified or other organisms, chemicals, technical equipment or fieldwork there will be strict health & safety requirements you must follow, as well as a strict code of ethics.

You can acquire this knowledge through training led by your Department, Faculty or School, as well as the Research Integrity office and online good research practice guides. You should also be learning good scholarly practice from your colleagues.