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Postgraduate Researcher Development


Postgraduate Researcher Development for Supervisors

Welcome to Postgraduate Researcher Development at Cambridge. This section is designed to help supervisors and advisors of postgraduate students to navigate the researcher development opportunities available at Cambridge.


The Postgraduate Researcher Development Team

We are the University's core, central provider for the development of PhD students as researchers. Researcher Development encompasses all the learning and development relevant to a PhD student's time at Cambridge, helping them to become professional researchers.

Our training sessions are oriented around the Cambridge Researcher Development Framework (CamRDF), which maps the skills needed to become a professional researcher: somebody who is able to conduct up-to-date research in both an interdisciplinary and international environment. Our training opportunities span a mix of live (webinar and/or face-to-face) and asynchronous formats, and are all bookable via the Inkpath platform (more details below).

In addition, LinkedIn Learning at Cambridge is available to students as well as staff, providing externally-produced material that supports the themes of the CamRDF.


Inkpath Booking Portal

Inkpath is Cambridge's new booking portal for researcher development, enabling students to manage their own professional development. It brings together development opportunities from Postgraduate Researcher Development as well as other services such as the Language Centre, Careers Service, Cambridge University Libraries, Public Engagement, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, etc.


Student Wellbeing

We actively encourage postgraduate students to maintain a healthy work/life balance during the course of their studies. There may be times where a student needs support for their wellbeing; below is a list of potential resources you may wish to point them towards, or to help you support them more effectively.