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Postgraduate Researcher Development


This page signposts all the key resources and support available to you during your time as a research student. Click the headings to see more.

  • Postgraduate Researcher Development: explore our online resources section to find a range of videos, self-study courses and book recommendations addressing a variety of topics

  • CamGuides: an onboarding course provided by the Libraries to help you navigate Cambridge and get settled within the city, the University and your research

  • LibGuides: a suite of self-study resources to help you develop your study skills and navigate the resources available to you

  • Cambridge Students: an overview of important information you are likely to need to as a Cambridge student, from topics such as registration, fees and financial assistance to course and exam requirements and complaints procedures

  • The Language Centre: a suite of self-study resources on Academic English, covering topics from plagiarism and overcoming procrastination to argumentation and clarity in English

  • Student Support: an overview of and guide to all the support available to you as a Cambridge student, whether financial, academic or pastoral

  • Accessibility & Disability Resource Centre: guidance, support and resources for any student with a disability or accessibility need, whether a physical disability, neurodivergence, mental health condition or learning difficulty

  • Postgraduate Wellbeing Appointments: online or in-person appointments specifically tailored to postgraduate students

  • University Counselling Service: a central service staffed by accredited counsellors and therapists for when you need support from a professional with no other role in your academic life

  • Student Advice Service: a Cambridge Students' Union service providing free and confidential advice to students

  • The Careers Service: the central service dedicated to helping you plan and prepare for your future at any stage, whether you have just joined the University or will shortly be graduating

  • Cambridge University Library: a central hub of information about library services in Cambridge

  • Code of Practice: sets out the University's guidelines and students' and supervisors' responsibilities

  • Good Academic Practice: all about avoiding plagiarism and academic misconduct

  • Research Integrity: guidance on University policies addressing research integrity, ethics and good research practice

  • Assessment: the general criteria for assessment of your final thesis

  • Progress Timelines: details of the formal progress points at which you will be assessed and processes for your self-evaluation and reports from your supervisor