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Postgraduate Researcher Development


Doing a PhD is always challenging and sometimes we are at a point in the project where feelings of being overwhelmed, lacking inspiration or managing your time and working with others can be tricky. This month of workshops and events is designed to provide you with support and inspiration to navigate through the 'PhD blues'. In collaboration with the Careers Service, Libraries and PGR Wellbeing we have designed this programme to offer a diverse range of activities tailored to cater to various needs, ensuring that there's something for everyone. We hope you enjoy the month, and that you get your mojo back!


Week 1

Event Date Time
How do I work in teams and collaborate? Thursday 15 Feb 13.30-15.00
Lunch & Learn: Tips for viva revision Thursday 15 Feb 12.00-12.45
Communicating for impact and self-advocacy Friday 16 Feb 10.30-16.30
Lunch & Learn: Handling the mid-PhD slump Tuesday 20 Feb 12.00-12.45
How to podcast your research [online] Tuesday 20 Feb 09.30-13.00
Sustainable academic practice Wednesday 21 Feb 13.00-14.00
RD Café Thursday 22 Feb 11.00-12.00


Week 2

Event Date Time
Lunch & Learn: Resilience in your PhD Monday 26 Feb 12.00-12.45
Demystifying leadership Tuesday 27 Feb 10.30-13.30
Developing your assertiveness Wednesday 28 Feb 13.30-16.30
(STEMM) Preparing to write for your thesis Wednesday 28 Feb 13.30-16.00
Applications for non-research roles [online] Wednesday 28 Feb 12.30-13.30
MBTI: Understanding personality in a research environment Friday 1 Mar 10.00-14.00


Week 3

Event Date Time
Managing failure Monday 4 Mar 11.00-12.30
RD Café Tuesday 5 Mar 11.30-12.30
Tools for managing your time effectively Wednesday 6 Mar 10.00-12.00
Negotiation skills Wednesday 6 Mar 09.30-13.00
Lunch & Learn: Handling the mid-PhD slump [online] Thursday 7 Mar 13.00-13.45
Imposter syndrome Friday 8 Mar 10.00-11.30


Week 4

Event Date Time
From surviving to thriving: Developing your resilience [online] Monday 11 Mar 09.30-11.00
From surviving to thriving: Managing your procrastination [online] Tuesday 12 Mar 09.30-11.00
From surviving to thriving: Increasing your productivity [online] Wednesday 13 Mar 09.30-11.00
From surviving to thriving: Cultivating your happiness [online] Thursday 14 Mar 09.30-11.00
From surviving to thriving: The emotionally intelligent researcher [online] Friday 15 Mar 09.30-11.00
Working with your supervisor [online] Tuesday 12 Mar 14.00-16.00
How to avoid plagiarism Tuesday 12 Mar 12.00-14.00
Developing your professional profile in academia [online] Tuesday 12 Mar 15.30-16.45
Research mini-proposals peer view Wednesday 13 Mar 14.30-16.30
Sustainable academic practice Friday 15 Mar 11.00-12.00